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Flat Renting

Renting a flat should be an exciting adventure – like the cast of Friends, not the plot of Single White Female. It’s something almost everyone does when they first leave home and even long-term property owners can spend time renting again as their lives change or they move around the country for work.

The good news is that the choice and standard of rentable flats has risen fast in recent years, not least because so many buy-to-let investors have entered the market to compete with all the old-time landlords. Legal changes have also made life a lot easier for tenants – with more safeguards and improvements on the way.

We’ve spoken to a range of tenants and landlords to research this independent information site. We’ve drawn up a list of all the key questions people ask when they start renting flats. Read on and you’ll get all the answers.

Neil Simpson is a former Personal Finance Journalist of the Year and writes regularly on property, mortgage and financial issues for the Mail on Sunday, City AM newspaper and many other publications.